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Experience the convenience and effectiveness of our online fitness classes at Ricky Skiba Coaching. Led by Ricky Skiba, our virtual sessions bring the energy and expertise of in-person training directly to your home. Join a supportive community of fitness enthusiasts, where you'll receive personalized workouts and expert guidance from Ricky himself. With flexible scheduling and convenient access, our online classes make it easy to prioritize your fitness goals and stay committed to your journey, no matter where you are.



  • $80 p/hour

  • One on on sessions

  • Strength & mobility training

  • Diet coaching

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Our Reviews

  • Vivian PhanHappy Clients

    "Ricky was a god send.I was already very active with running, cycling, yoga, and rock climbing but I dreaded weightlifting. DREADED IT!It was very intimidating and I didn’t know where to start. So I decided to work with Ricky. He helped me build my confidence in the weight room and always brought a positive attitude to every session.After working with Ricky for a few months, I saw significant improvement in my other activities and I’m more confident with working out in the weight room. I didn’t realize having a coach can help me so much.I highly recommend Ricky’s training sessions. "

  • Max DavidsonHappy Client

    "I’ve never stuck with routines for strength training but working with Ricky has gotten me on a new path. He does a great job of personalizing workouts that I can do with minimal equipment and these workouts have shown results quickly while providing great variation in exercises. And Ricky is a great motivator, avoiding being a drill sergeant or overly corny. I would highly recommend Ricky to anyone looking to stay healthy and in shape!"

  • Heidi DavisHappy Client

    "Ricky is so much fun to work with! I love his attention to detail in correcting my form, the creative combinations of strength training moves he comes up with, and his encouraging attitude. He always pushes me to my limits and leaves me feeling exhausted but accomplished. Highly reccommend!"

  • Braden BehanHappy Client

    "I've attended several of Ricky's public classes and have trained one on one with him several times. He's a fountain of positivity, really improving my confidence while I'm working out and making the overall process a lot more fun. He's helped design work outs to get me to my specific goals and walked me through form and function for various work outs. If you want a knowledgeable, fun person to help you reach your fitness goals, give Ricky a call"

  • Jeremy JohnsonHappy Client

    "I've always been into health and fitness, but have several old injuries to my back and both knees that have limited my fitness pursuits over the last few years due to fear of further injury. Recently, I was able to have some online coaching sessions with Ricky where he helped me to move past my limiting beliefs, and strategized with me on ways to workout within my body's limits instead of just avoiding the gym. He was knowledgeable, professional, and fun to work with. If you're interested in upping your workout game, or looking to find new ways to approach your fitness goals, I'd highly recommend booking a session with him! And since he trains via Zoom you can do it from anywhere!"

  • JoAnn SkibaHappy Client

    "I have been working with Ricky for over a year 3 times a week. It is great! He is so encouraging and keeps me motivated. This is the first time I have stuck with an exercise program. At 65 years old my strength, flexibility, balance and stamina all needed improvement and now I am doing so much better! I love training virtually with Ricky in my own home. We use bands, free weights, body weight resistance bands and a kettlebell. He explains and demonstrates everything so clearly. I like the privacy, and convenience. It definitely is timesaving and more economical than a gym. Ricky's knowledge and individualized program is priceless."

  • Danika TkacikHappy Client

    "Ricky is the absolute best trainer I have ever worked with! We’ve never done the same routine twice so boredom is never an issue. Ricky understands how bodies are meant to move and builds exercise plans that engage all the muscles in all the ways. He’s always positive and encouraging without judgement or condescension It really truly doesn’t matter who you are or what condition your body is in, if you want to build strength and feel better, Ricky is the trainer you need. Also, he’s exceedingly handsome, charming, and charismatic - not to mention the literal embodiment of practice what you preach."

  • Jake KringHappy Client

    "Ricky did an awesome job catering my workout regimen to address the various parts of my body that were lacking in strength or stability. He’s hilarious, easy to talk to, and walks that fine line of holding me accountable without making me feel bad. The convenience of his virtual, zoom-based approach saves me hours every week, and even though we’ve only been at it for a few months, I’m already seeing results in both how I feel and how I look. I recommend him to anyone who wants to start feeling healthier and training for a long life of physical activity."

  • Leah GesloisHappy Client

    "Ricky has been a phenomenal trainer - I’ve been working with him twice a week to ramp up my fitness regime and have seen great improvement on strength and stamina. Additionally, he always mixes it up to keep my motivated and challenged by the workouts. I highly recommend !"

  • Jack LedbetterHappy Client

    "Ricky is a wonderful trainer! Made excellent suggestions based on my personal limitations and correcting existing imbalances. Also knew when to push me hard and when to try something different if a movement wasn’t working for me. Can’t recommend him enough!"

  • Mat CluneHappy Client

    "I’ve been working out and wasn’t seeing the exact results I was hoping for. But after speaking with Ricky and working his advice into my routine I’ve already seen a noticeable difference! His excellent advice on my diet was spot on, and the work outs and exercises he suggested have really helped out! If I have any more questions I would choose Ricky’s advice first for sure!! I highly recommend him! You won’t be disappointed!"

  • Marshall RoyHappy Client

    "I met Ricky around 2012. During my time spent with Ricky, I experienced growth as a person that has left a lasting impression on me to this day. I went from being shy and nervous to confident and extroverted. This change was facilitated by Ricky's ability to realize my inhibitions and help me overcome them by taking me slightly out of my comfort zone. Ricky always offered advice when it was needed; he is one of the most dependable and consistent people I know."

  • willem dhaeseleerHappy Client

    "I've been working with Ricky for about 2 months now and I'm very happy with the results we've had so far. Ricky is oozing with authenticity and wants you to succeed, he will listen to you, and he won't hesitate to speak up or give you advice when you need it most. We all need more Ricky in our life, and that's ok."

  • Sarah HeyHappy Client

    "I cannot recommend Ricky enough! Through my time with him I've been encouraged to take concrete steps towards living my best life, even when it's scary - especially when it's scary. My interactions with him consistently leave me feeling validated and empowered, with keen insights that I can bring with me confidently into the world. Thanks for being such an important part of my life journey."

  • Brandon SandersHappy Client

    "Ricky has been awesome to work. I was initially skeptical of doing physical training virtually but it’s been amazing for my hectic schedule and I’m learning to better use the equipment I already have from the comfort of my home."

  • JaneHappy Client

    "Ricky has the remarkable ability to identify my hurdles and conceptualize my long term goals. I look forward to continually calling on him to shed light on my own personal blind spots. I'm lucky to know you, Ricky, thank you for helping me live in alignment with my goals!"

  • Nino EuzenHappy Client

    "Ricky is not only passionate, curious and invested but he also sees the best in others and is so eager to empower everyone around him. I leave each of our conversations better than when I entered; empowered not just within myself but also to take action in my own life."


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