One on one online training

Fitter, stronger, happier


    • Hour-long virtual training sessions
    • Customized diet plan
    • Build strength into your body with my dynamic and versatile training sessions
    • Improve your posture, waistline, sleep, and overall health
    • Reclame your youth one session at a time


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Master your body and the bells Changing your body one class at a time
Live on zoom Tuesday & Thursday 5:30 PM PST


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  • Hour-long virtual training sessions
  • Customized diet plan

  • Center your core, hips, and shoulders into proper alignment.

  • Build out the tissue on the body using multi-joint movements and strength training

  • Become proficient in kettlebell and bodyweight training.

  • Education around feeling healthier, and getting more sleep.

Fee Structure


$70 - One session per week.


$130 - Two sessions per week.


$180 - Three sessions per week.

Interested in online classes, follow the link to check out what I have to offer.

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